Who Put the Rosé Away?

It seems like it was yesterday when the term, “Rosé All Day’ was a thing in the wine industry.  About four years ago or pre-Covid, the interest and consumption of rosé wine was on steady rise.  Restaurants were featuring multiple options, retails shops were stacking cases of it, and someone at home was sipping it on their patio.  Fast forward to today as we reflect, we have been subject to so much change in the wine and beverage industry that I think we are overwhelmed by our choices. 

Just as rosê was becoming more accepted and enjoyed, which took about 20 years in the U.S. market to accomplish, clever startups and new concepts in the beverage industry took the thunder away.  We’ve begun to see a growing interest in non-alcoholic beverages, cannabis infused canned drinks, canned cocktails, and most recently canned drinks infused with controlled psychedelics. All of this now raises the question, ‘What’s Next’?

Well I’d like to bring it back and recommend that we include dry rosê wines back into our social and dining experiences.  This category and style offers so much diversity and versatility for any occasion and dining experience.  Rosë are classically light in style but offer impressive characteristics that make the wines bright, vibrant, and refreshing.  Twenty years ago, we had very limited selections of rosês to choose from but now, we have access to rosé from all over the world.  

Hopefully after reading this piece, you will consider rosé in your next glass of wine.  You can explore the wonderful rosés we feature on greekazon.com 

Below are some of my personal recommendations: