Wine Adventures for the New Year

We leave 2023 with an array of ups and downs in the wine industry.  We have been subject to many new concepts, changes, and trends, which all have had some sort of an impact on how and what we drink today.  There has been a strong push on producing cleaner wine and from eco-friendly practices.  Having said that this is what 2024 will be looking like for us:
Predicting specific trends for a future year like 2024 can be speculative, but based on recent patterns and evolving preferences, some potential wine trends might include: 
  1. Sustainability: Continued focus on sustainable and eco-friendly wine production methods, such as organic and biodynamic wines. Most of the producers we feature on Greekazon & Greek Wine Club are practicing sustainability.  Key players are Kir Yianni Estates, Douloufakis Winery, Mylonas Winery, Domaine Sigalas, and Iliana Malahin Winery to name a few.  
  2. Alternative packaging: More wineries might explore eco-conscious packaging like cans or boxes, focusing on convenience and sustainability.  Don’t be afraid of the screw cap!  We are big fans of screw cap wines.  They guarantee a perfect seal and your wine will stay fresh.  
  3. Tech integration: Increased use of technology in wine production, distribution, and consumer engagement, such as augmented reality labels or online tasting experiences.  We will have access to great information about wines now with the inclusion of QR codes and images on the labels.  We will also begin to see the inclusion of nutritional facts on labels.
  4. Unique grape varieties: Greater interest in lesser-known grape varieties and wines from emerging regions as consumers seek new tasting experiences.  Grapes to look out for in 2024 from Greece: Mavroudi, Asproudi, Limniona, Kydonitsa, and Mavrotragano to name a few.
  5. Low/no alcohol options: Growth in the demand for low or no-alcohol wines as health-conscious consumers look for alternatives. These trends are based on the direction the industry has been moving in recent years, but the wine market can also be influenced by various unpredictable factors.
All very exciting things to come to the world of Greek wine.  Follow our new episodes on our podcast and articles in our newsletters.  Cheers to 2024