Four Amazing Greek Wines to Enjoy on Vacation

For summer drinking that brings Greece to you, these wines are made on the most iconic vacation destinations—from Santorini, to Peloponessos, to Crete—are far more affordable than a plane ticket!

White wines from Greece are a delightful choice for the summer season. Bursting with refreshing flavors and vibrant acidity, these wines perfectly complement the warm weather and light cuisine. Whether you opt for a crisp Assyrtiko from Santorini, a floral Moschofilero from Peloponnese, or an elegant Vidiano from Crete, Greek white wines offer a unique terroir-driven character. With their citrusy notes, zesty undertones, and a touch of Mediterranean sunshine, these wines provide a delightful and cooling experience, making them a superb choice to savor during the summer months.

1. Sigalas Assyrtiko, Santorini

Arguably the best white wine from Santorini. Produced from 100% Assyrtiko, this wine expresses an abundance of minerals and citrus fruit. Winemaker, Paris Signals, has mastered the production of Assyrtiko, from one of Greece’s most importing wine producing regions in the country.

2. Skouras Moschofilero, Argos, Peloponessos

Super floral aromas that release scents of passion fruit and lilies. Bright acidity, refreshing citrus flavors that work harmoniously with salads tossed in vinaigrette dressings, and finishes clean and sharp.

3. Troupis Winery Thunder Rosè, Mantinia, Peloponessos

This unique rosé is actually produced from the gray skinned grape, Moschofilero. Traditionally, rosé's are produced from red grapes, but in this case, the gray skins of Moschofilero when left in the juice during fermentation create a rosè-like color with some vibrant textures.  Thunder rosé will captivate you from its floral aromas followed by refreshing and crisp flavors of citrus.  Oh, and by the way, this is a one liter bottle so you definitely get more for your money!

4. Iliana Malihin Young Vines Vidiano, Crete

Just shy of 30, Iliana Malihin has caught the attention of the international trade by producing one of the most natural expressions of the Cretan variety, Vidiano. Her winery hails from the mountain villages of Rethymno and she is elevating the reputation of the area by the potential the land has. Her Vidiano vines are farmed organically, and her wines are low-intervention production.

In her newly converted facility, the grapes are de-stemmed, and the juice is gently pressed into stainless steel tanks. The wine then ferments by natural yeasts found on the skins of Vidiano and matures on its lees, to the melodies of Cretan music, for six months. It is bottled unfined. In the glass, a highly vibrant and textured white wine emerges: You’ll discover high-toned notes of white peach, pear, apricot skin, chamomile, citrus leaf, lemon, melon peel, herbs, while finishing clean.