Amongst The Great

As the quality and variety of Greek wines continues to grow, so does the interest to try them amongst consumers. Throughout the last decades Greek wines have struggled to break the barrier of being accepted into the mainstream of offerings. They have often been placed at the back of wine shops in undesirable sections labeled as ‘others’ collecting dust and were almost non-existent in restaurants, unless it was a Greek taverna. They would rarely get rated amongst the wine media authorities such as Wine Spectator or Wine Advocate. And when they did make a rare appearance, their ratings were not favorable.

In the last ten years we have seen the renaissance begin in the Greek wine world. Major advancements from farming to production have been progressive from the dedication and passion of the new generation of viticulturists and winemakers. The devotion to reviving and developing local varieties has been a blessing in showcasing the potential that Greek wines have in the global market. I truly believe that subjecting Greek wines to scores and ratings does not do justice at all in the overall experience of what these wines have to offer. Having said that, I came across a platform created by one of Greece’s Master of Wines, Yiannis Karakasis called The 50 Great Greek Wines. This platform pays tribute to the 50 greatest wines from Greece chosen by Mr. Karakasis, MW based on what the wine delivers from a complete experience in their respective category. These wines are also referred to as the golden selections of Greece. We are so thrilled and excited to see these wines being advocated by such a well respected professional such as Mr. Karakasis, MW. We are also pleased to hear that this program will grow in the future with selections beyond fifty.

At the same token, we are happy to announce that some of these golden selections can be found and purchased on our platform, Greekazon. To learn more about The 50 Great Greek wines, you can visit their site, Join in on the excitement and try one of these amazing wines and raise your glass to ‘Golden Greeks’ of wines!